The Namibia Institute of Public Administration and Management has embarked on the orientation and training of its Board of Directors and operational planning review workshop from the 30th to the 31st of January 2020.
These two events have been held during the most significant time as the institute has changed most of its board members.
Chairperson of NIPAM’s Governing Council, Dr George Simataa said the workshop is meant to review NIPAM’s Strategic plan in order to understand where we have previously gone wrong in the implementation, as well as finding smart alternative ways of achieving our mandate during the economic hardship the country is facing.
While the business plan 2020/21 reflects on the previous financial year key performances and lessons learnt, it is also an outcome of in-depth analysis, research and discovery of key areas of focus during the Financial Year 2020/21.

Our strategic priorities
NIPAM has identified four key priority areas to be attended to during thE financial year 2020/21;

  • People, Culture and Performance,
  • Financial Sustainability,
  • Policies, Business Processes & Systems Architecture and
  • Relevance

Revenue generation to ensure financial stability will become our top priority for the financial year 2020/21. NIPAM needs to self-reliantly generate more revenues as the government grants are constantly diminishing. This will be complemented by sound financial and management controls that guarantee financial sustainability.

NIPAM will work towards achieving a fully qualified, competent and motivated human talent. To achieve this, a robust investment of effort will be redirected to, NIPAM’s corporate culture building, organisational performance as well as good governance.

Moreover, NIPAM must continue to strive to remain relevant to the needs of the market and its customers which is a vehicle to attain competitive advantage. We are strategically positioning NIPAM as a think-tank and expert of choice in the public service while ensuring that our training programmes are a perfect fit for the needs of our customer.