T – Team Work
A – Agility
P – Positive Mindset
These practices are instrumental in creating shared beliefs, shaping an attractive, high performing culture that is built on trust, teamwork and agility which in turn is an enabler in making NIPAM a great place to work. The guiding principles pointed out are Teamwork, Agility and Positive mindset abbreviated as TAP. We aim to launch the TAP Campaign to reinforce our purpose whilst putting our people at the heart of our business. We understand that our employees are the most valuable asset thus I would like us to embed these principles to ensure alignment and unity.
The objective of TAP is to drive a clear set of ground rules and guiding principles for decision-making, actions and a sense of community in the year 2021. TAP will ensure our people find alignment between their personal values and NIPAMs values creating a unified and motivated workforce. I would like to challenge each staff member to become role-models of these behaviours and set goals/steps/actions that, you, yourself want to take in order to bring these behaviours across more in the way that you operate in your work and team.
TAP behavioural descriptors:

Additionally, this behaviours and attitudes will promote connections, collaboration, new ways of working and doing things differently to promote the value of working together, agility and positive attitudes. In doing so we will need to embed these values into our culture and performance management system.

Drivers to achieve the desired behaviours

  • Action Learning. Successful transformations are driven by leadership, who set the tone for new ways of working and behaving.
  • Team Building Session. Drive and implement team building initiatives that promote collaboration, teamwork, and interaction. Promote virtual team building campaigns.
  • Marketing of NIPAM by all staff members. Establish mechanism to promote NIPAM, this includes incentives for client referrals, social media campaigns and set targets for each employee to bring in at least 1 potential and business
  • Leadership resilience. Set a clear direction and instruction, providing support when it is hard/challenging, affirm belief in staff members.
  • Recognition. Recognise employees who put in the extra in the ordinary, employees who go beyond their normal duties to live our values and bring them to life.
  • A common understanding of NIPAM’s mandate. Clearly articulated the mandate, display the mandate on all notice boards within NIPAM. Launch the I am NIPAM campaign.
  • Proactive in our approach/ setting the agenda. Set the agenda, entrepreneurial mindset, identifying and acting fast on opportunities.