World Standards Day

The 14 October 2020 was World Standards Day and according to an official joint statement by the ISO, the International Telecommunication Union (ICT) and the International Electro-Technical Commission (IEC) the theme was chosen to bring the world to attention on the impact that Human activity is having on the planet in terms of Green-House gas emissions as well as damage caused by Human activity in Nature.

To NIPAM, as a Government of Namibia’s appointed agency to deliver capacity development to the Namibian public sector, we cannot deliver to the satisfaction of entire public service capacity needs, without guidance and adherence to a set of guidelines or standards that are accepted worldwide. The standards will help NIPAM to hold its workforce and teams responsible and accountable. The practice of aligning capacity development to standards also helps ensure that a higher level of skills investment is attained.

Standards will also essentially help and guide NIPAM in the planning, implementation, and assessment of the entire strategy and service delivery. The use of standards to streamline our capacity development interventions will ensure that NIPAM’s practices deliberately focus on agreed upon targets. Teachers follow standards-based instruction to ensure that their students meet the demands targeted.