The Namibia Institute of Public Administration and Management (NIPAM) and the Botswana Public Service College (BPSC) undertook a three day benchmarking consultation process on 29 to 31 August 2018.
The consultation process stood to learn and discuss matters of mutual interest, build a mutually beneficial relationship, and fast-track the transformation of BPSC amongst others. The delegation discussed and compared areas such as legal establishment and governance structure, the staff engagement model, quality assurance, and the financial models.
NIPAM’s Executive Director, Ms. Maria Ndatiwelao Nangolo said both institutions are entrusted with being centres of excellence and are similar in many ways. “Both institutions were established in 2010 with a mandate to train and conduct operational research on public servants in their respective countries. Equally they have internal centres which cater for capacity building of public servants at different stages of employment in the public service and they similarly have been entrusted with being institutions of excellence and fostering a culture of service within the public service”.
Although the two institutions are similar NIPAM is a public enterprise while BPSC is a department within the Botswana Ministry of Public Administration and Governance.

Meanwhile the Executive Director of BPSC, Ms. Botshelo M. Mathuba said the BPSC transformation journey was started in partnership with the Civil Service College of Singapore who assisted the institution to kick start a new suite of short-term programmes designed in response to identified leadership competencies and other performance deficiencies in the public service. “Eight years on and about 1400 participants later we thought we should stop and reflect, review and introspect to determine whether the courses offered are still relevant”.
The consultation process ended with identified areas of possible collaboration in the near future.