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Governing Structure

The Nipam policy framework calls for capacity management and professional competency development. It also aims to inculcate among public servants a sense of purpose, values and traditions of public service to effectively serve the people of Namibia.

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The NIPAM Act, 2010 establishes NIPAM as a Public Institute with the following mandate: Training: to provide training or cause such training to be provided, and conduct examinations or tests as a qualification for the appointment, promotion or transfer of persons in or to the public service. Consultancy: to...

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Mission & Vision

Mission:To improve service delivery in the Namibian Public service through innovative training, operational research and consultancy service.Vision:To be a leading institution in the transformation of the Namibian Public service.

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Core Values

Our Core Values are:Service Orientation The ultimate output of the Namibian Public service is good service provision in all spheres of Government – NIPAM seeks to demonstrate and inculcate a culture of good service provision. Teamwork We...

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