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Governing Structure

The Nipam policy framework calls for capacity management and professional competency development. It also aims to inculcate among public servants a sense of purpose, values and traditions of public service to effectively serve the people of Namibia.

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In terms of Section 2(1) of the NIPAM Act, 2010 (Act No. 10 of 2010), NIPAM’s mandate focuses on the following:Training – to provide training or cause such training to be provided, and conduct examinations or tests as a qualification for the appointment, promotion or transfer of persons in or...

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Mission & Vision

Mission:To develop the capacity of the Namibian Public ServiceVision:To be a premier vehicle for capacity development of the Namibian Public Service

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Core Values

In transforming the Public Sector through capacity building, the NIPAM team promises to uphold the following core values:People Centred - We put you at the heart of our business.Empathy - We hear you, we feel you, we are here for you we want to see the world through your eyes.Learning...

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