Governing Structure

The Nipam policy framework calls for capacity management and professional competency development. It also aims to inculcate among public servants a sense of purpose, values and traditions of public service to effectively serve the people of Namibia.

Portfolio Minister of NIPAM

The portfolio minister of NIPAM is the Prime Minister of the Republic of Namibia, Honourable Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila.

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Composition of the Governing Council

Members of the Governing Council (GC) are appointed by the Prime Minister as prescribed by Section 7 of the NIPAM Act, 2010 (Act No. 10 of 2010) as follows:the Secretary to the Cabinet, as Chairperson;the Executive Director, ex officer;two persons selected by the Prime Minister by considering gender balance, academic...

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Training and Development Board

The Constitution of the Training and Development Board [TDB] for NIPAMMembers of the Training and Development Board are appointed by the Governing Council [GC] as prescribed by the Training NIPAM Act, 2010 (Act No. 10 of 2010) as follows:Executive DirectorExecutive Director, who is the chairperson;Deputy Executive Director, who is the...

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Executive Management

The Executive Director is the head of the administration, training and accounting officer of NIPAM. He/she manages the affairs of NIPAM subject to the control and direction of the Council and the Board. The Executive Director is assisted by the following Management Team: Executive Director Director: ...

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Governance Framework of NIPAM

NIPAM is managed subject to the following laws:Namibia Institute of Public Administration and Management Act, 2010 (Act No. 10 of 2010)State-Owned Enterprises Governance Act, 2006 (Act No. 2 of 2006)State-Owned Enterprises Governance Amendment Act, 2008 (Act No.5 of 2008)Companies Act, 2004 (Act No. 28 of 2004)Governing Council CharterTraining and Development...

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Annual Reports

Please click on the links below to download the PDF version of our Annual Reports:NIPAM Annual Report 2010 - 2012NIPAM Annual Report 2012 - 2013NIPAM Annual Report 2013 - 2014NIPAM Annual Report 2014 - 2015NIPAM Annual Report 2015 - 2016NIPAM Annual Report 2016 - 2017NIPAM Annual Report 2017 - 2018NIPAM...

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