Executive Management

The Executive Director is the head of the administration, training and accounting officer of NIPAM. He/she manages the affairs of NIPAM subject to the control and direction of the Council and the Board. The Executive Director is assisted by the following Management Team:

  • Executive Director
  • Legal Advisor
  • Director: Finance
  • Director: Information Management
  • Director: Central Government
  • Director: Regional and Local Government
  • Director: State Owned Enterprise
  • Director: Human Capital & Strategic Relations
Due to the evolving nature of Nipam, not all positions are currently filled.

The executive management is the body that executes the operations that ensure that the institutional vision and mission are attained.

Roles and Responsibilities

Guided by the Strategic Plan, the members of the Executive Management collectively see to a proper management of the institution’s assets – finances, human resources; the implementation and monitoring of the institution’s policies, and general supervision of maintenance of the highest standards in the realisation of the academic project.The Executive...

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