Composition of the Governing Council

Members of the Governing Council (GC) are appointed by the Prime Minister as prescribed by Section 7 of the NIPAM Act, 2010 (Act No. 10 of 2010) as follows:

  • the Secretary to the Cabinet, as Chairperson;
  • the Executive Director, ex officer;
  • two persons selected by the Prime Minister by considering gender balance, academic excellence and experience relevant to the objects of NIPAM;
  • a person nominated by the Namibian Chamber of Commerce and Industry who represents the interests of that sector;
  • a person nominated by the Public Service Commission;
  • a person nominated by the recognized trade union with an exclusive bargaining status for public service employees;
  • a person nominated by the Association of Regional Councils;
  • a person nominated by the Association of Local Authorities in Namibia; and
  • two persons nominated by NIPAM to represent the capacity building, research or related interests of NIPAM keeping the gender balance into consideration.
Two persons as members co-opted by the Council on a rotation basis from countries or international organizations offering assistance and support in public sector capacity building to NIPAM or the Government, without a right to vote.

Members of the Governing Council

Founding Members of the Governing Council for NIPAM:Mr Frans Kapofi : Secretary to Cabinet and ChairpersonMrs Mabella Cupid : Vice ChairpersonDr Roland Msiska : ex officio (08/12/2010 – 07/12/2011)Mr Jabulani Ncube (08/12/2010 – 26/08/2012)Mr Jeremia MuadinohambaMr Basilius HainguraDr Becky Ndjoze-OjoHon Samuel NuuyomaMs Barbara van der WesthuizenMs...

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Powers of the Governing Council

The Governing Council (GC) of NIPAM is vested with the following statutory powers:to make rules and guidelines;approve the Strategic Plan and Annual Plan of NIPAM;to approve the annual budget of NIPAM;to accept the management of any endowment trust, fund, subscription or donation consistent with the objects of the institute;to approve...

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