Powers of the Governing Council

The Governing Council (GC) of NIPAM is vested with the following statutory powers:

  • to make rules and guidelines;
  • approve the Strategic Plan and Annual Plan of NIPAM;
  • to approve the annual budget of NIPAM;
  • to accept the management of any endowment trust, fund, subscription or donation consistent with the objects of the institute;
  • to approve proposals for loans from financial institutions for funding of NIPAM activities, in agreement with the Minister responsible for finance;
  • to create posts on the establishment of NIPAM, and determine conditions of service;
  • to consider and approve annual reports, including financial statements and accounts of NIPAM;
  • to prepare and execute detailed plans and programmes for the furtherance of the objects of NIPAM;
  • to approve the development and expansion plan of NIPAM; and
  • to appoint, suspend or discharge administrative staff, trainers, specialists or consultants of NIPAM.

Functions of the Governing Council:
Similar to a Board of Directors, the Governing Council is vested with the governance, general control and direction of NIPAM.