On 11 July 2019, Head of Mission-Designate of Singapore to Namibia, H.E. Chua Thai-Keong, paid a visit to NIPAM to discuss possible areas for bilateral cooperation on capacity building and exchange programmes between NIPAM and Singapore Civil Service College.
The relationship between the Namibia Institute of Public Administration and Management (NIPAM) and the Civil Service College has been a long-standing one dating as far back as 2010 although without a systematic approach to cement the relationship between the counterpart institutions responsible for delivering public sector capacity development initiatives.
The most recent training intervention given NIPAM’s role in facilitating governance, leadership and public administration was undertaken based on the broad bilateral agreement between Namibia and Singapore. This training took the form of the Singaporean government offering two five - day training courses on Governance and Public Administration for Permanent Secretaries and Senior Government Officials at the Civil Service College of Singapore (CSCS) in July and September 2017.

Specifically, the programme was aimed at providing key insights into Singapore’s experience through examining key areas such as governance, corruption control, budgetary and fiscal policies, economic development and public sector leadership. The delegation was sent to the Civil Service College of Singapore, which is considered as a world class service provider, to be exposed to good practices in order to assist the Namibian Government’s resolve to improve service delivery.

Through the support of the Office of Prime Minister, and in particular through the Secretary to the Cabinet as well as the Bilateral agreement between Namibia and Singapore a provisional action plan has been developed on the way forward.