NIPAM holds Staff Prayer session

NIPAM staff members recently gathered in order to have an institutional prayer session. This prayer session came from the need to strengthen staff morale during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic that is ravaging the country.

NIPAM as an institution prides itself on the wellbeing of all its staff members which is why initiatives like the prayer session and many others are organized to promote the mental health of all staff members. The need for intervention was made more pertinent as many of the NIPAM staff like the majority of Namibians have personally felt the effects of Covid-19 in their personal lives. NIPAM Executive Director Ms Maria Ndatiwelao Nangolo had a few choice words to say to the staff at the prayer session by encouraging them to keep working hard as they have been and informed staff to keep prayer in their toolkit going forward into the new normal. The prayer session was conducted outside in the open parking area with social distancing maintained to maintain safety.

Staff members expressed great appreciation for the initiative and thanked management for organizing it. NIPAM staff initiatives in addition to prayer sessions include a social club that collects money internally in order to fund financial contributions to staff members in the form of institutional donations in case of personal loss of loved one’s or care packages to help staff members through difficult times.