In compliance with international best practices NIPAM is undertaking an internal quality audit process to evaluate programmes and services, and identify areas of strength and weaknesses with the goal of improving services towards our public sector based clients.

The audit will assess what works well, the identification of areas that requires improvements and best practices with the ultimate purpose to bring about improvements to enhance capacity to plan, act and report on quality related matters and achievements. Equally, the purpose is identify the strengths and explore how best to capitalize on such strengths.

The audit is primarily focusing on the academic departments with emphasis on issues of Training, Consultancy, Research and Capacity Evaluation. The focus area are as follows:
Training Needs Assessment and Analysis
Programme/course design and development
Planning and delivery of Programme/course and Consultancy services Assessment, Moderation and Certification, and
Evaluation and Review, Research and Capacity Evaluation.

The audit is being conducted over two days, 19 – 20 November 2018 with the audit report expected after the completion of the exercise.

NIPAM is a Management Development Institute for Namibia established by the NIPAM Act (Act No. 10 of 2010), in order to assist the government in delivery of its mandate through training, research and capacity evaluation and consultancy.