Venue Hire

NIPAM Venues With Seating Capacity:

Administration Block - Ground Floor

Room Numbers and DescriptionSeat Capacity
Small Rooms: G09, G19 & G1115 pax per room with tables
Training Halls: G22 - G23 & G24 - G2545 pax per Half Room with tables
Training Halls: G22 - G2590 pax Open Combined Rooms (110 pax can fit in without tables)
Media Lab (Computer Lab)20 pax

Administration Block - First Floor

Room Numbers and Description
Seat Capacity
Small Rooms: F07, F08 & F0915 pax per room with tables
Break – Away Rooms: F13, F14 & F1510 pax per Room
Board Room20 pax
Media Lab (Computer Lab)20 pax

Lecture Block - Southern Side

Room Numbers and DescriptionSeat Capacity
Training Halls: LB1-2 & LB3-LB470 pax per half Room
Training Halls: LB1 – LB4140 pax Open Combined Rooms with tables
Break – Away Room10 pax

Conference Hall - Northern Side

Room Numbers and DescriptionSeat Capacity
Ground Floor Rooms: CH1 & CH255 pax per Half Room
Ground Floor Rooms: CH1 – CH2130 pax Open Combined Rooms
First Floor Rooms: CH3 & CH4150 pax per Half Room (Without tables)
First Floor Rooms: CH3 – CH4300 pax Open Combined Rooms (Without tables)


Room Numbers and DescriptionSeat Capacity
The Amphi is an open air space suitable for acting and dace performances100 pax (the space has no equipment)
pax =people

  1. NIPAM’s operating hours: 7h30 to 16h30, Monday to Friday. We are closed during weekends and public holidays.
  2. All venues are fully equipped with build-in Projectors, Screens, computer and micro-phones (No venue hirer is allowed to bring in the same equipment such as those in the venue except if they are not in a good working condition).
  3. There are air-conditions in all venues that can be regulated to fit our clients required temperature at all times.
  4. Equipment are tasted before the date of the event.
  5. There are micro-phones in the bigger training rooms and conference halls.
  6. NIPAM is a training institution and therefore, our venues are mainly suitable for training events such as: workshops, seminars, symposiums and conferences.
  7. NIPAM does not provide deco and all extra requirements that are not offered by NIPAM such as (stage, flowers etc) can be arranged by the client at their own cost.

How To Reserve Your Venue:
  • Contact Mrs Victoria Shikudule at e-mail: or telephone no: +264 61 296 4780
  • She will provide you with a booking form to complete or you can download it here
  • A quotation will be provided to you by Ms Hilya at Finance according to your indicated needs
  • Confirm the provided quotation for the venue to be reserved
  • Provide a purchase order as a payment grantee and an invoice will provided or request for an invoice during the confirmation if you do not purchase orders.
  • NIPAM does not accept part-payments and no venue will be open without payment.
  • Clients are welcome to view our venue and familiarize themselves with the place.