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Mass Training for Judiciary Officials

MASS TRAINING FOR JUDICIARY OFFICIALSAbout 78 officials from the Office of the Judiciary recently underwent training on a weeklong Supervisory Development Programme.The Supervisory Development Programme was designed to give public sector supervisors a deep understanding of leadership, management and supervision concepts and equip them to play a firm, fair and effective role in quality service delivery in the public sector.The modules embark on during the training programmes were; public sector practices, management, communication & information technology, and performance management for effective service delivery.After undertaking the training, participants are expected to be able to explain the levels of Government: Central, Regional and Local Government and the placement of Public Enterprises in that structure. Participants shall further be expected to interpret policies, rules and regulations to transfer knowledge to peers and apply basic legal rules and procedures at a supervisory level amongst others.The integrated Supervisory Development training Program was revamped last year and has thus far trained a total of 150 supervisors .


The Namibia institute of Public Administration and Management conducted a successful week-long training workshop for newly appointed 55 Resource Persons on 12 – 16 February 2018. The workshop inducted highly qualified experts from various professions and sectors on their roles as strategic partners in delivering specialised training programmes to employees in the public sector. The workshop featured aspects such as NIPAM’s Philosophy, and Training Methodology, Public Service Competency Framework as well as training norms and standards. Other traits deliberated upon were; planning and preparing for facilitation, developing assessment guides, quality management systems, effectiveness, and certification amongst others. NIPAM’s Executive Director, Mr. Andrew Ndishishi, said, it was deemed beneficial to source the resource pool of persons from a wide range of professionals such as the public servants serving and retired, corporate world, academics, researchers and those from the private sector. “Our approach is to ensure enhancement of synergy between the public sector and the private sector, through the blending of resource pools from both backgrounds, and this will help diffuse knowledge and familiarize the private sector about how the Namibian public sector operates” Mr Ndishishi. Services offered through NIPAM ensures homegrown pool of resources, so that, the budget is retained in Namibia enabling participants to gain skills about how the Namibian Government operates and so they will be in a good position to generate relevant solutions to Namibia’s socio-economic development challenges. Resource persons will benefit from knowledge and skills that will come through the engagement of public servants from all levels (Central Government, Regional Councils, and Local Authorities). The partnership shall further be of their advantage by understanding Government policies, norms, and processes for work, personal and possible business future endeavours. NIPAM’s training is delivered with a view on the work environment and practical experience with the aim of improving productivity at workplace.